Get Skinny Barbie Puts the BOOT in Boot Camp!

29 Nov

so i’m sure if my podiatrist read this blog entry, i would be in SERIOUS trouble, but i don’t care! this girl sucked it up and headed out to boot camp tonight @hyde park body boutique (click here to check out their facebook page)!

#1 perk of the nasty boot: NO burpees!!! yaya!! (i hate burpees…they are my arch nemesis. for real.)

#1 drawback of the nasty boot: working out with it gives you one really nice butt cheek, and one really jiggly one. thanks a lot, nasty boot!

now…i really didn’t want to go to boot camp, but i had to… confession time: today, at approximately 3:30pm, i purchased and then ate a snickers bar. not a bite size, not a fun size, but a regular size snickers. forgive me fitness gods, for i have sinned! i’m doing another 100 fire hydrants for penance. probably not enough to get that snickers nougat off of my thighs…but it’ll do. unless you have some fun, non-right-foot-weight-bearing ideas for me! (hit me up in the comments yo!)

other than that MAJOR hiccup, today was a fantastic day. i broke my fast with oatmeal (ok…second confession: i read the game of thrones book like a serious nerd. don’t judge me for saying “broke my fast” or for reading those books. a) they’re really good. b) i was judged enough while sprinting into and then quickly out of the “fantasy” section at barnes & noble to purchase them…damn my love of real, gen-u-ine books!), had chicken soup for lunch and then a super tasty supper of ham and cheese stuffed chicken (the lazy way) and roasted garlic potatoes. yumm-o!

update on the tendon-my foot is legitimately hurting today (i blame the nasty boot), so i guess this “injury” is really happening. bummer. my mri is scheduled for this saturday at paul brown stadium. should i take this opportunity to sneak off and steal some bengals stuff?? i think so. no one questions a gimp.

anywho- even though my foot hurt and i had to wear the nasty boot all day, today was a great day (much better than yesterday). i was reminded after coming home from boot camp of what a great husband i have! my ken had mopped the floors, unloaded the dishwasher, and washed the dinner dishes from last night (i was just not up to doing them after my crappy day)! he is the best and is totally doting on me…i mean, the man is offering to carry my iphone for me. uhhh…not necessary…but i’ll take it! ❤ him! life is good over here in barbie land. hope you and yours are well!

ps-#elf4health challenge today was “try a new workout.” i def think i accomplished that! 🙂 remember…there is still plenty of time to sign up for rounds 2 & 3. check it out at this rockin website!



One Response to “Get Skinny Barbie Puts the BOOT in Boot Camp!”

  1. Lynn November 30, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    You go girl…I have not exercised this week…on tap for tomorrow and Sunday…need to get out of sitting mode all day! Hope you get good news on your MRI tomorrow.

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