My Super Awesome Throwback Playlist

25 Mar

this past week, ken and i have been killing some two-a-days, which has been fine in the morning, but kind of tough at night. in the morning, we’ll do a bit of cardio and all of our strength training for the day, and then come back for another hour and a half of cardio. uhhhh… it gets boring. quick.

first of all, we work out at planet fitness (kind of by default, i canceled my other gym membership a while back and had this one “lying around” since they offer tanning), where they do not have the cardio equipment i want (stairmaster, jacob’s ladder, rowing machine), so i’m kind of limited. since my foot injury, i’m way over the bike (that’s all I could do). listen, i love spinning as much as the next gal…but who is spinning to their headphones, by themselves, at planet fitness? not me… so basically… my time on the bike equals a numb ass and a boring workout. i’ve never been a fan of the elliptical either.i’ve always been able to do a lot more on the elliptical for a lot longer which tells me it’s too easy. so…. my cardio (except for the weekends) consists of the MOST boring piece of cardio equipment out there…. the treadmill.

PF has a crap ton of treadmills, too, and, because they know how boring they are, have equipped all of their machines with televisions. well that would be great and all except for my headphones don’t work in the little contraption (iphone 5 headphones… i have to hold them at a weird angle to hear anything but screechy sounds).

so I’ve worn out my hulu plus and netflix memberships. every episode of felicity? watched. caught up on law & order: svu? check. what does that leave now? a kind of boredom that no amount of HIIT could save me from. i mean, i’ve taken to watching spring training baseball on WGN (who cares about the cubs, by the way?) while listening to pandora…who  consistently gets it wrong.

finally- i figured out what i needed to get pumped: an awesome, kick-ass playlist! what to put on this playlist??? we could go with some poppy dance numbers (think ke$ha, katy perry and rihanna) OR we could take it back…way back. back to when music was the best it’s ever been. when teenage boys and girls began their careers together, in groups, putting out album after album of gibberish set to a catchy beat. and that time, my friends, was the late 90s.

now, if you were not a 10-14 year-old girl in the late 90s, you probably didn’t realize there was some serious stuff  happening in music back then. the entire nation was divided. bsb or nsync? britney or xtina (she didn’t go by that back  then, by the way)? no self-respecting girl could be a fan of both! EW! me? i was a bsb girl all the way. uhhhh kevin and  brian were both from kentucky AND they had aj. that’s pretty much all i need to say right?
for those of you not familiar, justin timberlake was GROSS back then (WHAT was happening with that hair?)
they had Joey FAT-one (I know, not nice, but still), and that weird guy (talk about gross hair). images
the only guy worth anything in their group was lance, and he turned out to be gay. clearly—bsb was the right choice. the only thing that sucked about picking sides, is that sometimes, nsync put out a song i kind of liked, and i definitely could not let on that i did! DUH.

but now…long after my backstreet boys poster has been thrown away and my dance moves to britney’s “autumn goodbye” forgotten (yeah—def not a christina fan back then, either!)… i can listen to both! yaya!!! prepare to have your world rocked. do yourself a favor and download this playlist… and then go kick some ass!!!

oh- and if you forgot… 98 degrees happened back then, too (and are apparently trying to happen again…LOL). ken turned me on to this HILARIOUS buzzfeed article about one of the two members who weren’t lacheys. enjoy. (seriously click here… i almost died laughing.)



Set Back = Come Back

19 Mar

i mean, yeah, it’s cheesy… so what.

so, over the past few months, while i was wallowing in self-pity about my foot injury (and how it was ruining my plans to run a half marathon this may, to lose a certain number of pounds by the summer, and other awesome goals)… i got really interested in supplements.

i used to think supplements=steroids and back-ne so they were def not for me. but, while i didn’t lose any weight since december, i did gain a much better outlook on supplements. yaya!

during the dark ages (the past three months), i read a ton of articles about supplementation and have found the following to work really well for me (ummm obv i’m not a doctor, so don’t go copying my stack without first checking in with your care provider, yo!) click the links for why these supplements are totally B.A. and why you want them added to your stack.


pre-workout: branched chain amino acids and creatine

post-workout: whey protein and glutamine

at breakfast: multi, fish oil, fatty acid complex

at lunch: fatty acid complex, vitamin c

at dinner: fatty acid complex

we just added the creatine to our pre-workout and are digging it. we like muscle pharm assault best.  🙂

so that’s that! i mean, other than the occasional roid rage, these have been working great! 😉

GetSkinnyBarbie is Back!

18 Mar

so i haven’t blogged since LAST YEAR which is ridiculous. sadly, i’ve made the exact same amount of progress in that time as far as my weight goes. we can talk about how super bummed i became after my foot injury (but i don’t want to).

long story short:
since i last posted, i had to exclusively use crutches for 4 weeks (i rocked them for about a week and a half until my doctor said that PT would be necessary to teach my foot how to walk again. i decided i didn’t want my foot to “forget” how to walk in the first place, so back to the nastyboot i went).
crutches sucked for a variety of reasons… but mainly because they became the BEST excuse ever for being lazy. (ummm the bruising and callouses were not my fav either, however, some serious guns started to develop!)
since then, i slowly got back in the goddess brace, had to do PT anyway, and got fitted for my granny inserts.
we CAN talk about how crappy these $250 pups are. first of all, they fit in NO shoes…well, except for my neon green saucony running shoes. you might think i’m being a negative nancy here when i say they fit in NO shoes, but i’m not. seriously. listen- this girl LOVES shoe shopping, and i won’t lie, i was kind of pumped about getting the prescription to “go shopping for supportive shoes.” But after 1.5 hours in DSW, i couldn’t find one single pair that fit with the inserts. i even went to that hideous aisle with wide widths, easy spirits and clarks! here’s the thing, i don’t wear neon green shoes unless i’m running. i certainly don’t wear them with jeans. i’m not a tennis shoe/jeans kind of gal. so…….. you probably guessed it! i haven’t been wearing them the way that i’m supposed to. but anyway.

now that i’m over this foot business, i’ve started working out again. i also discovered (holy cow) and am following jamie eason’s livefit 12-week plan plus taking lots of amazing supplements to help me along. (let’s break for a moment to talk about how much i love jamie eason. she is total adorable…and she’s pregnant, so you know i love that!)

ok, so “following” may not be the right word. we (ken–he found his own plan–and i) WERE following the plans for about two weeks, but then we fell off the wagon AGAIN. i know, lame, right?

but starting yesterday we were totes back on track! we did a fab card workout (and are seriously paying for it now…see below) and ate mostly clean. today we’ve been machines in the kitchen prepping for this week.



here’s the menu:

breakfast-egg white muffins (yum…recipe to follow, prob tomorrow or tuesday)
snack- beef jerkey and nuts
lunch- 4 oz broiled chicken and roasted veggies
snack- jamie eason’s chocolate protein bars (also amazing…get the recipe here)
dinner- 4 oz broiled chicken and roasted veggies

we knocked out the whole week (ps ken obv gets a little more) today and, while my feet hurt, i’m super pumped to start this week off with NO excuses.

i have so much more to say, but the walking dead is on…and, honestly, isn’t that the reason we’re all training, to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse? so you know i’ve got to watch it!

ps- check out my super cute new gym bag…BEST motivation ever!


pps- check back later this week for more info on my supplement stack.

ppps- here is that awful card workout:

 draw cards from a full deck and peform each card’s number of the following reps:

hearts- burpees

diamonds- pushups

spades- squats

clubs- bicycle crunches

aces- 1/4 mile run

Hi! Remember Me???

10 Dec

oh my- so it’s been FOREVER since i’ve posted! i’ve been THE laziest bum since my doctor’s appointment on wednesday.

you see, thursday i was allowed to wear my goddess brace for 4 hours…i figured since i work at a desk, why coudn’t i just leave it on all day? big mistake!!! i ended up working 12 hours thursday (busy time of year, remember) and by the time i got home, my foot was super swollen and i couldn’t put any weight on it. so i’ve been back in the nasty boot full-time since then and i’m kind of scared to go back to the brace.  plus now i’m really nervous about actually running on it! so, i’ve been using my new whiny baby status as an excuse to not work out and am feeling super sluggish and gross as a result.

plus…and i don’t even want to tell you…i’ve been eating like a damn fool this weekend!!! saturday, i ate a digiorno pizza (i mean, not a whole one…i shared it with ken)… and got super carried away with some nutella, bananas and graham crackers. yeah- it’s that serious.  but- and i’m giving myself some props here- i resisted going out last night and drinking! i really should have been working out while ken was out, but i got caught up on giuliana and bill, instead.  i mean, at least i wasn’t pounding hard ciders all night! so plus one for that.  ken and i almost caved and bought pizza again today during the bengals game (a totally legitimate time to emotionally eat, by the way), but we (i) stayed strong and i made my famous baked ziti sans ground sausage and butter (ok a tiny bit of butter) plus zucchini and spinach! super good and not too bad on calories…for a cheesy pasta dish.  i think 400 a serving isn’t so bad. (recipe coming soon, i promise.)

please don’t judge this hideous picture…we were too hungry to wait for food photography! 🙂 (and yes, we know that is penne pasta…we call it baked ziti anyhow.)


anywho-i was assigned my new elf in the #elf4health challenge today and i’m so excited about getting to know her! she is a runner and has completed 2 half-marathons! fate?! ummm, i think so! 🙂

also-last week (when i wasn’t eating like a crazy lady and working out), i was really discouraged when i didn’t see a big loss, so i’ve decided that i need to track my measurements, too, and not just rely on the scale for indications of progress made.

here are my goals for the week:

1-complete every #efl4health challenge

2- work out every day

3. lose at least 2 combined inches over all.

i think these are totally doable, and i’m officially back on the horse!  this getskinnybarbie is super pumped about this week’s #elf4health challenges and about getting out of this nasty boot! wish me luck!

Chicken Vegetable Soup

6 Dec


we had some amazingly warm days this week, but today it started to get cold again–which in our house, means soup! that and i had some wilting spinach and some spongy squash and zucchini that needed eating in the fridge…

this is a great recipe, super flavorful, and is so good ken even eats the tomatoes in it!!!

(this is a huge deal… he won’t even touch a raw tomato. and the “slimy insides” make him throw up. he’s also a bad ass manly-man who wrestles bears and stuff.)


8 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed

2 1/2 tsp extra virgin olive oil, divided

1/2 c. dry white wine

28 oz. (2 cans) low-sodium chicken broth

2 large shallots (or 1/3 of any onion you might have lying around) coarsely chopped

2 large cloves garlic, diced

1 tomato, diced

1/4 c. tiny pasta (i use stars)

1 zucchini, sliced*

1 yellow squash**

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp of the following:





crushed red pepper flakes

pinch of sage


1. heat 2 tsp oil in large skillet over med-high heat (if using non-stick, reduce oil to 1 tsp). add chicken and cook until white throughout. remove from pan, and cover to keep warm.

2. add 1/2 tsp oil to pan. add shallots (or onions), zucchini, squash and spices. stir frequently, and cook until tender.

3. add broth, pasta, wine and tomatoes. (be sure to scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan). let simmer.

4. add back chicken and any accumulated juices. just before serving, stir in spinach.

Serve with grated parmesan (shown with 2 tbsp…another 40 cals) and a nice crusty bread!

makes 4 servings, only 160 calories a pop! awesome!!!

*when i first started making this, ken wasn’t comfortable with zucchini, so i would grate it. when cooked, the zucchini slivers tasted like pasta, and he happily gobbled it up. eventually, he got over his fear of zucchini and i was able to just start slicing… saved me time, dishes and made my soup look prettier!

**i don’t typically use the squash, but i had it in my refrigerator and it was going bad. it does make the soup super colorful and a bit more chunky, though.  i’d leave it out if you want a more soupy soup.

MRI Results

6 Dec

well ladies and gentlemen- i have news. some good…some bad. i’m going to rank my news in order of awesomeness:

1. the nasty boot is coming off (at least for 2 hrs a day!!!)

2. i can begin walking (and squatting…hello december squat challenge!) for workouts (no running yet)

3. the flying pig isn’t totally out of the question!

4. my [insert biology class term here] tendon does have a slight tear (not the awesome part), but it’s TEENSY TINY (awesome part)

5. no surgery of any kind

6. the nasty boot is gone, but has been replaced by a slightly less hideous, greek-goddess, sandal-like  brace that is not nearly as accommodating for my huge calves. ouchie!

7. after the brace bit, my doc is fitting me for custom inserts… seriously, like for old people.

so….long story short, i have a small tear that is significantly inflamed (reason for pain). this nasty-boot/goddess-brace/old-lady-inserts combo should keep the inflammation at bay and i should be able to walk and hopefully run on this foot in the next few weeks! yaya!! she said it’s likely that my other tendon (left foot) has slight tears, as well (heck nah i didn’t pay for the magnet pictures on that one!!), but that it isn’t inflamed.  also, the tear in my right foot will never heal itself, but it isn’t big enough to warrant surgery…my goal is to keep it from getting worse. and apparently, the best thing i can do is wear these geriatric inserts in my shoes and get the weight off.

on it! well, except for last night when i didn’t work out and made brownies (AH-MAZINGLY good and healthy, too)… and tonight, when i didn’t work out either. 😦 BUT tomorrow, i’ll be in boot camp, squatting away and (sadly) doing wall sits.

i’m so pumped about this news…especially because i should be able to run my half marathon come may!!! i am going to join a local running store’s training group that starts up january 5th, so that should give me plenty of time to get my stamina back up. (i haven’t run in over a month, so i’m going to have to get back on that horse!)

(i mean, look at this puppy…i haven’t seen the bill for it yet, but i’m betting between this and the nasbracety-boot, they might as well have red bottoms!)

Metamucil & Doughnuts-Fiber Monday and Some Serious Temptations

4 Dec

sadly, i don’t get paid to work out and dream up super tasty, low-calorie foods to prepare for ken and i. instead, i work full-time for a payroll company. if you know anything about payroll, you know that year-end is our busiest time of year… and myself and the members on my team often find ourselves working long hours, hitting the gym less, and eating A LOT… not baby carrots and celery sticks, either! because the hours can be arduous and tiring, our amazing managerial staff likes to keep things spicy by treating us to catered lunches, an endless snack table and daily drawings for (mostly) restaurant gift cards. now, for a pleasantly plump barbie, this would be a dream world! she might even be able to write a song about it… but for a get skinny barbie…year-end is temptation city, or in other words, hell. last year end, i was happy to make it out alive and with only 3 new dimples in my butt cheeks! it’s that serious.

anyway, to kick off our year-end festivities, today we had a meeting…that had big.huge.boxes.of.doughnuts on a table right next to the door. i mean, yeah so what if i already ate my oatmeal…i still wanted a doughnut! and these weren’t just any doughnuts, people, they were custard-filled (not to be confused with that gritty-super-white-cream filling that is dis-gusting!) POWDERED doughnuts! yeah, i said it! POWDERED. that means NONE of that nasty chocolate glaze on the top that i’d have to scrape off awkwardly with a flimsy plastic spoon. this was my favorite kind of doughnut. and there were TONS of them. i thought, to hell with it, picked up a napkin and……… put it back down again.


that’s right, no doughnut for me. i figured, even if i could work off the calories in boot camp tonight (which by the way, i went to! yay me! and i only used my nasty boot excuse once when an exercise really sucked. 2-minute wall sits. boo. :)), that doughnut would still be waiting for me 100 lbs from now. if i still want it then, then by golly, i’ll have it! anywho- here’s what i’m up against for the next month! i need your help to keep me motivated and to help me stay strong!!


not only did i skip the snacks, but i answered the #elf4health fiber monday challenge by eating 25 grams of fiber (i was tempted to stir up some metamucil to really kick it up a notch)! my meal with the highest fiber content today was my dinner, parmesan pasta with mixed vegetables, which boasted a whopping 9 grams of fiber per serving! not only that, but it was super good, filling and meatless, too! score one for getskinnybarbie! 🙂 i found my base for this recipe on the lemon bowl, but i tweaked it a bit…so i’ll post that soon for all you foodies!

here’s how my day went (fiber-wise)

breakfast- oatmeal, 2 grams

snack-banana, 3 grams

lunch-easiest chili ever leftovers, 8 grams

snack- cascade farms chocolate chip granola bar, 1 gram

pre-workout- homemade applesauce and slice of cheese, 2 grams

dinner- amazing parm pasta with mixed veggies, 9 grams

total- 25! whew! just barely made it! good thing because this barbie is STUFFED.

oh- and today i lost 14 lbs! that…or my scale is broken. 😉

happily losing,


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